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Previewing a Document before Printing
Using Print Preview
Print Preview lets you browse through your document so you can see how
every page will look, including any headers and footers, cover pages, and
pictures you may have added. To use Print Preview, follow these steps:
1. Click the File tab.
The Backstage View appears.
2. Click Print.
The Backstage View displays various print settings in the middle
pane and a preview of your document in the right pane, as shown in
Figure 7-25.
3. (Optional) Click on the various options in the middle pane, such as
choosing a printer to use or how many copies to print.
4. (Optional) Click Next Page/Previous Page or use the vertical scroll bar
to browse through all the pages of your document.
If you drag the Magnifier slider in the bottom-right corner, you can zoom
in or zoom out so you can examine the details of your document.
5. Press Esc to return to your document, or click Print to start printing.
You can also start printing by just pressing Ctrl+P.
Figure 7-25:
The Print
displays a Print
of your
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