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Storing Stuff in a Spreadsheet
Storing Stuff in a Spreadsheet
Every cell can contain a number, a label, or a formula. To type anything into a
spreadsheet, you must first select or click in the cell (or cells) and then type
a number or text.
Typing data into a single cell
To type data in a single cell, follow these steps:
1. Choose one of the following to select a single cell:
• Click a cell.
• Press the up/down/right/left arrow keys to highlight a cell.
2. Type a number (such as 34.29 or 198 ), a label (such as Tax Returns ), or
a formula.
You can see how to create formulas in Chapter 9.
Typing data in multiple cells
After you type data in a cell, you can press one of the following four
keystrokes to select a different cell:
Enter: Selects the cell below in the same column
Tab: Selects the cell to the right in the same row
Shift+Enter: Selects the cell above in the same column
Shift+Tab: Selects the cell to the left in the same row
If you type data in cell A1 and press Enter, Excel selects the next cell below,
which is A2. If you type data in A2 and press Tab, Excel selects the cell to the
right, which is B2.
However, what if you want to type data in a cell such as A1 and then have
Excel select the next cell to the right (B1)? Or what if you want to type data in
cells A1 and A2 but then jump back to type additional data in cells B1 and B2?
To make this easy, Excel lets you select a range of cells, which essentially
tells Excel, “See all the cells I just highlighted? I only want to type data in
those cells.” After you select multiple cells, you can type data and press
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