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Formatting Numbers and Labels
3. Click in the Number Format list box (refer to Figure 8-3) and choose a
format that displays decimal places, such as Number or Percentage.
Excel formats the numbers in your chosen cells.
You can click the Increase Decimal (increases the number of decimal places
displayed) or Decrease Decimal icon (decreases the number of decimal places
displayed) in the Number group on the Home tab, as shown in Figure 8-7.
Figure 8-7:
Click to
change the
number of
Formatting cells
To make your data look prettier, Excel can format the appearance of cells
to change the font, background color, text color, or font size used to display
data in a cell.
Excel provides two ways to format cells: You can use Excel’s built-in
formatting styles, or you can apply different types of formatting individually. Some
of the individual formatting styles you can choose include
✓ Font and font size
Text styles (underlining, italic, and bold)
✓ Text and background color
✓ Alignment
Text wrapping and orientation
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