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Navigating a Spreadsheet
Navigating a Spreadsheet
If you have a large spreadsheet, chances are good that information may be
hidden by the limitations of your computer screen. To help you view and
select cells in different parts of your spreadsheet, Excel offers various ways
to navigate a spreadsheet by using the mouse and keyboard.
Using the mouse to move
around in a spreadsheet
To navigate a spreadsheet with the mouse, you can click the scroll bars or
use the scroll wheel, on your mouse, if you have one. To use the scroll bars,
you have three choices:
Click the up/down or right/left arrows on the horizontal or vertical
scroll bars.
This moves the spreadsheet one row (up or down) or column (right or
left) at a time.
Drag the scroll box of a scroll bar.
Click the scroll area (any area to the left/right or above/below the
scroll box on the scroll bar).
This moves the spreadsheet one screen left/right or up/down.
If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use this wheel to move through a
spreadsheet by two methods:
Roll the mouse’s scroll wheel up or down to scroll your spreadsheet up
or down.
Press the scroll wheel to display a four-way pointing arrow, and then
move the mouse up, down, right, or left. (When you’re done, click the
scroll wheel again.)
Using the keyboard to move
around a spreadsheet
Using the mouse can be faster to jump from one place in a spreadsheet to
another, but sometimes using the mouse can be frustrating, trying to line it
up just right. For that reason, you can also use the keyboard to move around
a spreadsheet. Some of the common ways to move around a spreadsheet are
shown in Table 8-1.
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