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Chapter 9: Playing with Formulas
Copying formulas
In many spreadsheets, you may need to create similar formulas that use
different data. For example, you may have a spreadsheet that needs to add the
same number of cells in adjacent columns.
You could type nearly identical formulas in multiple cells, but that’s tedious
and error-prone. For a faster way, you can copy a formula and paste it in
another cell; then Excel automatically changes the cell references, as shown
in Figure 9-1.
Figure 9-1:
than type
over and
over again,
Excel can
copy a
the cell
From Figure 9-1, you can see that cell B9 contains the formula
=B3+B4+B5+B6+B7+B8, which simply adds the numbers stored in the six
cells directly above the cell that contains the formula (B9). If you copy this
formula to another cell, that new formula will also add the six cells directly
above it. Copy and paste this formula to cell C9, and Excel changes the
formula to =C3+C4+C5+C6+C7+C8.
To copy and paste a formula so that each formula changes cell references
automatically, follow these steps:
1. Select the cell that contains the formula you want to copy.
2. Press Ctrl+C (or click the Copy icon under the Home tab).
Excel displays a dotted line around your selected cell.
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