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Creating Multiple Scenarios
Figure 9-16:
The Goal
Seek Status
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Creating Multiple Scenarios
Spreadsheets show you what happened in the past. However, you can also
use a spreadsheet to help predict the future by typing in data that represents
your best guess of what might happen.
When you use a spreadsheet as a prediction tool, you may create a best-case
scenario (where customers flood you with orders) and a worst-case scenario
(where hardly anybody buys anything). You could type in different data to
represent multiple possibilities, but then you’d wipe out your old data. For
a quick way to plug different data in the same spreadsheet, Excel offers
A scenario lets you define different data for multiple cells. That way, you can
choose a scenario to plug in one set of data, and then switch back to your
original data without retyping all your original data and formulas all over
Creating a scenario
Before you can create a scenario, you must first create a spreadsheet with
data and formulas. Then you can create a scenario to define the data to plug
into one or more cells.
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