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Creating Multiple Scenarios
To create a scenario, follow these steps:
1. Click the Data tab.
2. Click the What-If Analysis icon in the Data Tools group.
A pull-down menu appears.
3. Click Scenario Manager.
The Scenario Manager dialog box appears.
4. Click Add.
The Add Scenario dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-17.
Figure 9-17:
Define a
name, the
cells you
want to
and any
you want to
5. Click in the Scenario Name text box and type a descriptive name for
your scenario, such as Worst-case or Best-case.
6. Click in the Changing Cells text box.
7. Click a cell in your spreadsheet that you want to display different
data. If you want to choose multiple cells, hold down the Ctrl key and
click multiple cells.
8. Click in the Comment text box and type any additional comments you
want to add to your scenario, such as any assumptions your scenario
9. Click OK.
The Scenario Values dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-18.
10. Type a new value for each cell.
11. Click OK.
The Scenario Manager dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 9-19.
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