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Auditing Your Formulas
5. Select the Scenario Summary radio button.
6. Click in the Result Cells text box and then click in a cell that contains
a formula that your scenario affects.
7. Click OK.
Auditing Your Formulas
Your spreadsheet results are only as good as the data you give it and the
formulas you create. Feed a spreadsheet the wrong data, and it will obviously
calculate the wrong result. More troublesome is when you feed a spreadsheet
the right data but your formula is incorrect, which produces a misleading
and incorrect result.
Even if Excel appears to be calculating your formulas correctly, recheck your
calculations just to make sure. Some common errors that can mess up your
formulas include:
Missing data: The formula isn’t using all the data necessary to calculate
the proper result.
Incorrect data: The formula is getting data from the wrong cell (or
wrong data from the right cell).
Incorrect calculation: Your formula is incorrectly calculating a result.
If a formula is calculating data incorrectly, you probably didn’t type the
formula correctly. For example, you may want a formula to add two numbers,
but you accidentally typed in the formula to multiply two numbers instead.
To check whether a formula is calculating data incorrectly, give it data that
you already know what the result should be. For example, if you typed the
numbers 4 and 7 into a formula that should add two numbers, but it returns
28 instead, you know that it’s not calculating correctly.
If your formula is correct but it’s still not calculating the right result, chances
are good it’s not getting the data it needs from the correct cells. To help you
trace whether a formula is receiving all the data it needs, Excel offers
auditing features that visually show you which cells supply data to which
formulas. By using Excel’s auditing features, you can
Make sure that your formulas are using data from the correct cells.
Find out instantly whether a formula could go haywire if you change a
cell reference.
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