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Auditing Your Formulas
Finding where a formula gets its data
If a formula is retrieving data from the wrong cells, it’s never going to
calculate the right result. By tracing a formula, you can see all the cells that a
formula uses to retrieve data.
Any cell that supplies data to a formula is a precedent.
To trace a formula, follow these steps:
1. Click a cell that contains the formula you want to check.
2. Click the Formulas tab.
3. Click the Trace Precedents icon in the Formula Auditing group.
Excel draws arrows that show you all the cells that feed data into the
formula you chose in Step 1, as shown in Figure 9-22.
4. Click the Remove Arrows button to make the auditing arrows go
Figure 9-22:
Excel draws
arrows that
precedent cells
that feed
data into a
Finding which formula(s)
a cell can change
Sometimes you may be curious how a particular cell might affect a formula
stored in your worksheet. Although you could just type a new value in that
cell and look for any changes, it’s easier (and more accurate) to identify all
formulas that are dependent on a particular cell.
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