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Chapter 10: Charting and Analyzing Data
Figure 10-1:
Each part
of a typical
Excel chart
about your
Data series
Charts typically use two data series to create a chart. For example, one data
series may be sales made that month, while a second data series may be the
names of each salesperson.
The X-axis of such a chart would list the names of different products while
the Y-axis would list a range of numbers that represent dollar amounts. The
chart itself could display different colors that represent products sold in
different months, and the legend would explain what each color represents.
By glancing at the column chart in Figure 10-1, you can quickly identify:
Which products sell best
How each product sells in each month
Whether sales of a particular product are improving (or getting worse)
All this data came from the spreadsheet in Figure 10-1. By looking at the
numbers in this spreadsheet, identifying the above information is nearly
impossible. However, by converting these numbers into a chart, identifying this
type of information is so simple even your boss could do it.
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