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Creating a Chart
Creating a Chart
Before you create a chart, you need to type in some numbers and identifying
labels because Excel will use those labels to identify the parts of your chart.
(You can always edit your chart later if you don’t want Excel to display
certain labels or numbers.)
To create a chart, follow these steps:
1. Select the numbers and labels that you want to use to create a chart.
2. Click the Insert tab.
A list of chart type icons appears in the Charts group, as shown in
Figure 10-3.
Figure 10-3:
The Insert
tab displays
icons for
different types
of charts.
3. Click a Chart icon, such as the Pie or Line icon.
The Create Chart gallery appears (refer to Figure 10-3).
4. Click a chart type.
Excel creates your chart and displays a Chart Tools tab, as shown in
Figure 10-4.
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