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Using Sparklines
5. Click OK.
Excel displays your chosen Sparkline in the cell that you selected.
Customizing a Sparkline
After you’ve created one or more Sparklines, you can modify their
appearance. To modify a Sparkline, follow these steps:
1. Click on the cell that contains a Sparkline.
2. Click on the Design tab.
3. Click on a style in the Style group.
If you click the More button, you can view all the available styles.
4. Click the Sparkline Color icon and click on a color.
5. Click on the Marker Color icon.
A menu appears, as shown in Figure 10-12.
Figure 10-12:
The Marker
Color icon
lets you
colors for
parts of your
6. Move the mouse over an option such as Low Point or First Point.
A color palette appears.
7. Click on a color.
Your Sparkline appears with the changes you chose.
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