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Organizing Lists in Pivot Tables
Figure 10-16:
information a pivot
Rearranging labels in a pivot table
A pivot table organizes data according to your spreadsheet’s column
headings (which appear in a pivot table as row labels). The pivot table shown in
Figure 10-16 shows sales divided by salesperson. Each salesperson’s amounts
are further divided by sales region, and the names of the products sold.
However, you may be more interested in seeing the sales organized by sales
region. To do this, you can modify which column heading your pivot table
uses to organize your data first. To rearrange column headings in a pivot
table, follow these steps:
1. Click on the pivot table you want to rearrange.
The PivotTable Field List pane appears. A group called Row Labels
appears in the bottom-left corner of the PivotTable Field List pane. This
Row Labels box displays the names of your different PivotTable
categories, such as Region, Product, and Sales Person.
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