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Organizing Lists in Pivot Tables
Modifying a pivot table
Row labels let you organize data according to different criteria, such as sales
per region and then by product. For greater flexibility, you can also turn a
row label into a column heading. Figure 10-19 shows a pivot table where row
labels are stacked on top of each other, and then the same pivot table where
one row label (Products) is turned into a column heading.
Figure 10-19:
row labels
as column
can compare
data in
multiple ways.
To turn row labels into column headings in a pivot table (or vice versa),
follow these steps:
1. Click the pivot table you want to modify.
The PivotTable Field List pane appears.
2. Click a heading in the Row Labels box near the bottom-left corner of
the PivotTable Field List pane.
A pop-up menu appears.
3. Choose Move to Column Labels.
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