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Organizing Lists in Pivot Tables
Slicing up a pivot table
If your pivot table contains large amounts of data, trying to decipher this
information can be difficult. Rather than display all your pivot table data,
you can choose to slice the pivot table so it shows only the specific data you
want to view.
To slice a turn row labels into column headings in a pivot table (or vice
versa), follow these steps:
1. Click anywhere inside the pivot table you want to modify.
The PivotTable category appears and displays an Options and
Design tab.
2. Click the Options tab, click the Slicer icon in the Filter group, and
choose Insert Slicer.
An Insert Slicers dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 10-22.
Figure 10-22:
The Insert
dialog box lets
you define
the data
you want to
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