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Organizing Lists in Pivot Tables
3. Select one or more check boxes in the Insert Slicers dialog box and
click OK.
Slicer panes appear, listing the types of data. For example, a Sales
Person slicer pane would list the names of all the salespeople while a
Product slicer pane would list the names of all products sold.
4. Click on each slicer pane to select it, and then move the mouse
pointer over the slicer pane border and drag the mouse to move the
slicer pane to a more convenient location on the screen.
5. Click the item inside each slicer pane to display that data in the pivot
table. (Hold down the Ctrl key and click to choose multiple items.)
If you want to view sales results from a single salesperson, select that
salesperson’s name and select all the products you want to examine to
see how many sales that person made for each product, as shown in
Figure 10-23.
Figure 10-23:
Slices help
you zero in
on specific
in your
pivot table.
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