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Organizing Lists in Pivot Tables
You can remove a slicer pane by right-clicking on the slicer pane and
when a pop-up menu appears, choose Remove Slicer.
Creating PivotCharts
Pivot tables can contain rows and columns of numbers that you might find
easier to understand by converting them into a chart, called a PivotChart.
PivotCharts are like other types of charts except you can selectively display
(or hide) different data. This lets you create a chart showing sales from all
your salespeople, and then selectively hide all data except anything sold by a
single salesperson, as shown in Figure 10-24.
Figure 10-24:
A PivotChart
lets you
how much
data to view
from your
To create a PivotChart, follow these steps:
1. Click the pivot table you want to modify.
The PivotTable category appears and displays an Options and
Design tab.
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