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Part IV: Making Presentations with PowerPoint
In this part . . .
Most people are more terrified of public speaking
than they are of dying. While Microsoft Office 2010
can’t help you overcome your fear of death, it can help
you overcome your fear of public speaking by helping you
making presentations using the number one presentation
program in the world — PowerPoint.
With the help of PowerPoint, you can organize your ideas
and present them in a visually compelling manner so you
won’t need to rely on speaking alone (or the threat of
firing someone) to captivate your audience. By using
PowerPoint, you can forever banish whiteboards,
overhead projectors, and even drawings when giving a
The next time you need to dazzle, convince, and persuade
an audience with information (whether it’s true or not),
you can flip through this part of the book and learn how
to create slideshows, add graphics, animation, and sound,
and design interesting and informative presentations that
can keep your audience enthralled.
Using the presentation abilities of PowerPoint, you’ll
never be at a loss for words again as long as you take a
moment to think ahead, plan your presentation, and
display your information through the magic of PowerPoint.
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