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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
convey your message effectively. The best way to create an effective
presentation is to take some time to think about the following:
What is your point? Define the single most important idea of your
Who is the target audience? A presentation given to engineers and
scientists will look different than the same presentation given to CEOs and
venture capital executives.
What do you want the audience to do? A speaker may present new
ideas to a conference, while a politician may present ideas designed to
sway the audience to take certain actions, such as voting a specific way.
After you understand the purpose of your presentation, your audience, and
what you hope your presentation will do, you’re ready to go through the
physical steps of creating a presentation in PowerPoint.
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
A PowerPoint presentation consists of one or more slides where each slide
can display text and graphics. Creating a presentation means adding slides
and typing text or pasting graphics on each slide.
When you first start PowerPoint, the program loads a blank presentation that
you can modify right away.
If you’ve been working on another presentation in PowerPoint and you need
to start a new, blank presentation from scratch, follow these steps:
1. Click the File tab.
The Backstage View appears.
2. Click New.
PowerPoint displays different templates you can choose.
3. Click Blank Presentation and then click Create.
PowerPoint displays a blank slide with a title and subtitle box, as shown
in Figure 11-1.
After you create a new presentation, you need to fill it with content (text and
graphics). PowerPoint gives you two ways to view, edit, and design your
Slide view
Outline view
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