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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
Figure 11-1:
A new
consists of a
single blank
Both views let you add, delete, rearrange, and edit slides. The main
difference is that Slide view lets you add graphics and modify the visual
appearance of a slide. Outline view displays your entire presentation as an outline in
which each slide appears as an outline heading, and additional text on each
slide appears as a subheading. Outline view makes it easy to focus on the text
of your presentation without the distraction of the visual appearance of your
You can create an entire presentation in Slide view without ever using Outline
view at all (or use Outline view without ever using Slide view at all). Outline
view is most useful for creating and organizing a presentation. Slide view is
most useful for viewing the appearance of multiple slides at once.
Designing a presentation with Slide view
Slide view shows your entire slide show as thumbnails in the left pane and
the currently selected slide in full size view in the right pane, as shown in
Figure 11-2.
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