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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
Designing a presentation
with Outline view
In the Outline view, each slide appears with one or more of the following:
A title (appears to the right of a slide icon)
A subheading (appears to the right of a number in a small box)
Text (appears without any icon next to it)
The Outline pane only displays the text on each slide. Clicking on a slide in
the Outline pane displays the entire slide, including graphics, as shown in
Figure 11-3.
The biggest advantage of Outline view is that it lets you rearrange and
organize your slides by focusing on their content (title, subtitles, and text). To
switch from Slide view to Outline view, click the Outline tab. To switch from
Outline view to Slide view, click the Slides tab.
Figure 11-3:
Outline view
lets you
view just the
titles and
subtitles of
your entire
Outline pane
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