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Changing the Background
Changing the Background
Another way to change the appearance of your presentation is to modify
the background of your slides. PowerPoint provides predefined background
themes that you can choose. To choose a background theme, follow these
1. Click the Design tab.
If you click on a slide in the thumbnail view and hold down the Ctrl key,
you can select which slides you’ll change. If you don’t select any slide,
PowerPoint will change all your slides.
2. Click Background Styles under the Background group.
A menu displays different backgrounds you can choose, as shown in
Figure 12-4.
Figure 12-4:
menu lists
designs for
your slide.
3. Click a background style.
PowerPoint applies your chosen background style to every slide in your
Choosing a solid color background
Rather than choose a theme, you may want to choose a solid color. If you
choose a solid color background, make sure that any text or graphics that
appear on your slides can still be seen. For example, if you choose a dark red
background, any text or graphics on your slides should appear in light colors
to make them visible against the dark red background.
To make sure that solid background colors don’t obscure your text and
graphics, you can also adjust its transparency to make the color appear
darker or lighter.
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