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Adding Sound to a Slide
Figure 12-14:
The Video
Effects icon
menu lets
you choose
Adding Sound to a Slide
Sound can be as simple as a sound effect (like a gun firing to wake up people
in the middle of your presentation) or a recorded speech from the CEO,
explaining why everyone’s going to be forced to take a 25 percent pay cut
while the CEO gets a golden parachute of $500,000 a year for the rest of his
PowerPoint can use audio files stored in common formats such as AIFF, MIDI,
MP3, and WAV files. If your audio file is stored in a different file format, such
as Real Audio, you have to convert the file before you add it to a PowerPoint
Adding an audio file to a presentation
If you already have music, sound effects, or a speech stored as a file, such
as an MP3 file, you can add it to your presentation. To add an audio file to a
slide, follow these steps:
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