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Organizing Slides in Sections
Organizing Slides in Sections
PowerPoint displays all the slides of your presentation in the Slides or
Outline view. While this makes it easy to see all the slides that make up your
presentation, such a long list of slides can make it hard for you to find any
particular slide.
To help you avoid searching for a single slide among a huge list, PowerPoint
gives you the option of organizing in groups called sections. You might group
the first slides in one section (labeled “Problems”), the next 7 slides in a
second section (labeled “Consequences”), and the last 13 slides in a third
section (labeled “My Solutions”).
After grouping slides into sections, you can selectively hide or display all
slides in a section. Sections simply help you organize a large presentation of
slides so you can find and edit particular slides at any given time.
Adding a section
By default, presentations don’t contain any sections. When you add a section,
PowerPoint groups all slides in that section, starting with the first slide you
picked all the way to the end of your presentation or the next section
heading, whichever comes first.
To add a section to a presentation, follow these steps:
1. Click on the slide that you want to define the beginning of a section.
2. Click the Home tab and click the Section icon under the Slides group.
A pull-down menu appears, as shown in Figure 13-2.
Figure 13-2:
The Section
menu lets
you group
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