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Organizing Slides in Sections
3. Choose Add Section.
PowerPoint displays a section heading (named Untitled Section) above
the slide you selected in Step 1; refer to Figure 13-2.
4. Click on the selection heading, click the Section icon in the Slides
group, and choose Rename Section.
A Rename Section dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 13-3.
Figure 13-3:
The Rename
dialog box.
5. Click in the Section name: text box and type a descriptive name for
your section. Then click Rename.
PowerPoint renames your chosen section.
When you add a section to a presentation, PowerPoint automatically creates
a Default Section that contains the first slide and all additional slides up to the
section heading you just created.
Expanding and collapsing a section
After you’ve created at least one section, you can collapse (and expand it).
Collapsing a section temporarily hides those slides in that section from view
so you can focus on the rest of your slides. Expanding a section makes the
slides in that section appear again.
To expand and collapse a section, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Collapse Section arrow that appears to the left of the
section name, as shown in Figure 13-4.
PowerPoint collapses your chosen section and displays the number of
slides(in parentheses) hidden in that collapsed section, as shown in
Figure 13-5.
2. Click the Expand Section arrow that appears to the left of the
collapsed section name.
The section expands, displaying all slides within that section.
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