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Starting an Office 2010 Program
Figure 1-2:
consists of three
panes of
To use the Backstage View, follow these basic steps:
1. Click the File tab to display the Backstage View.
You can also open the Backstage View by pressing Alt+F and using
either the keyboard or the mouse to choose additional commands.
2. Select a command in the left pane to view your options in the middle
3. Select an option in the middle pane.
4. View the information (or select a command) in the right pane.
Sometimes when you select a command in the left pane (such as the Save
command), you won’t see any further options in the middle or right panes.
Likewise, sometimes when you select an option in the middle pane, you won’t
see any additional information displayed in the right pane.
To exit the Backstage View, click the File tab again.
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