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Creating Handouts
Figure 13-14:
Slide Sorter
lets you
the order of
your slides.
3. (Optional) To delete a slide, click on a slide and press Delete.
4. (Optional) To hide a slide, click on a slide, click the Slide Show tab,
and click Hide Slide.
5. (Optional) To move a slide
a. Move the mouse pointer over a slide.
b. Hold down the left mouse button and move (drag) the mouse.
PowerPoint displays a vertical line where it will place your slide.
c. Release the left mouse button.
6. Click the Normal icon on the View tab to switch out of Slide Sorter view.
Creating Handouts
When people view a particularly interesting presentation, they often want
copies of that presentation so they can review the information later or have
a place to jot down notes during the presentation itself. For that reason,
PowerPoint lets you create handouts from your presentation.
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