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Part V: Getting Organized with Outlook
In this part . . .
Hardly anyone feels organized. After a few days on
the job, most people wind up cluttering their desks
with piles of memos, reports, books, and papers. If you’d
rather use the surface of your desk for writing rather than
a disorganized filing cabinet, then you may need the help
of Microsoft Outlook, a combination e-mail program and
personal organizer.
By using Outlook with your e-mail account, you can
search, sort, and organize your messages so you an see
what’s important (fun stuff like messages from your
friends) while ignoring the annoying messages (like notes
from your boss).
Besides helping you organize your e-mail, Outlook can
also be your personal organizer, helping you keep track of
tasks that you need to get done and appointments you
need to keep.
To help you keep track of all the people in your life,
Outlook lets you store names, addresses, e-mail
addresses, and phone numbers of all your important
contracts so you’ll be able to find and contact someone right
By helping organize your life, Outlook gives you time to do
what you do best — working more productively or just
gathering more information to store on your computer
that can give your boss the illusion that you’re actually
doing something important after all.
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