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Attaching Files to Messages
4. Click the file you want to attach to your message and then click Insert.
Outlook displays an Attach text box in the message window, as shown in
Figure 14-5.
If you hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking a file, you can select
multiple files at once.
Figure 14-5:
with a file
displays an
Attach text
box that
displays the
to the
5. (Optional) Click the Attach button to display the Insert File dialog box
so you can select more files.
6. (Optional) Right-click any file in the Attachment text box; when a
pop-up menu appears, choose Remove if you change your mind about
attaching a file to a message.
7. Click the Send icon.
Rather than select multiple files to attach to a message, you can compress or
zip multiple files into a single compressed file by using a separate program
like WinZip or by using the built-in Zip compression feature in Windows.
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