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Reading and Organizing E-Mail
Reading and Organizing E-Mail
One of the biggest problems with receiving e-mail is trying to sort through
all the important messages. To help you organize your e-mail, Outlook offers
several ways to group related messages together and search for specific text
in messages so you can find exactly what you need.
Grouping messages into categories
Outlook can display messages with the newest message on top and the oldest
message at the bottom (or vice versa). In addition, Outlook can also group
messages according to Date, Subject, Size, or even by e-mail accounts.
To view and sort your e-mail messages, follow these steps:
1. Click Mail in the left pane of the Outlook window. (You can also press
Outlook displays the Mail pane.
2. Click the Arrange by column heading in the middle pane.
A pop-up menu appears, as shown in Figure 14-6.
Figure 14-6:
Clicking the
by column
a menu of
other ways
to organize
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