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Deleting E-Mail Messages
4. Click a folder (such as Inbox) to store your message and then click OK.
Outlook removes your message from the Deleted Items folder and stores
it in the folder you chose.
If you delete a message from the Deleted Items folder, that message will be
gone forever. To clean out your Deleted Items folder (to save space or to
destroy incriminating e-mail messages), follow these steps:
1. Click Mail in the left pane of the Outlook window. (You can also press
Outlook displays the Mail pane.
2. Choose one of the following:
• Click a message.
• Hold down the Ctrl key and click each message you want to delete.
• Hold down the Shift key, click the first message you want to delete,
and then click the last message you want to delete.
Outlook selects all the messages in between the first and last
messages you selected.
3. Press Delete or click the Home tab and click the Delete icon in the
Delete group.
A dialog box appears, asking whether you’re sure that you want to
delete your selected messages.
If you delete any messages from the Deleted Items folder, you will not be
able to retrieve them ever again for the rest of eternity.
4. Click Yes (or No).
To help avoid unwanted e-mail messages, give out your e-mail address
sparingly. To find how to filter out unwanted messages, see Chapter 19
for tips on configuring Outlook to detect and block spam.
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