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Chapter 15: Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks
9. Click the Save & Close icon in the Actions group.
Outlook displays your appointment in Day, Week, or Month view of the
calendar, as shown in Figure 15-3.
If you need to edit an appointment, just double-click on it to display the
Appointment window again. You can also drag an appointment from one
location on the calendar to another to switch it to a different time or date.
Viewing appointments
If you store several appointments, you might find it hard to keep track of
them all. To help you out, Outlook can display your appointments as a
picture so you can see the times and dates when you have something planned.
To visually see your appointments, click the Home tab and then click the
Schedule View icon in the Arrange group. Outlook displays your
appointments so you can quickly spot your free and busy times, as shown in
Figure 15-4.
Figure 15-3:
all stored
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