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Storing Names and Addresses
Viewing names
After you’ve stored one or more names in Outlook, you’ll probably need to
find it again. If you just want to browse through your list of names, follow
these steps:
1. Click the Contacts button in the left pane of the Outlook window (or
press Ctrl+3).
Outlook displays the Contacts view.
2. Click the Home tab and click the Business Card or Card icon in the
Current View group.
The Business Card displays names and additional information as large
windows, as shown in Figure 15-6. The Card view displays names as
smaller windows, allowing you to see more names on the screen.
Search Contacts text box
Figure 15-6:
Card view.
If you click on a name, you can delete it by clicking the Delete icon on
the Home tab.
3. Double-click on a name to open the Contact window.
The Contact window opens, allowing you to edit or add new information
to your chosen contact.
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