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Managing Tasks
Searching names
If you know all or part of a name or other information about a person,
you can exhaustively browse through your entire list of stored contacts.
However, it’s much easier to just search for that information instead.
That way, if you know you want to find a person named Bill, you just have to
search for “Bill.” Likewise, if you know you need to call someone located in
the 408 area code, you could just search for “408” and Outlook will show you
all contacts with a phone number in that particular area code.
Searching makes it easier to find a particular name. To search for a name,
follow these steps:
1. Click the Contacts button in the left pane of the Outlook window (or
press Ctrl+3).
Outlook displays the Contacts view.
2. Click the Home tab and click in the Search Contacts text box (or press
Ctrl+ E).
The cursor appears in the Search Contacts text box.
3. Type as much data as you can about the person you want to find, such
as typing all or part of a name or phone number.
4. Press Enter.
Outlook displays all contacts that match your search criteria that you
typed in Step 3.
5. Click the Close Search icon that appears at the far right of the Search
Contacts text box.
Outlook displays all your contacts once more.
Managing Tasks
Everyone’s busy. However, the big difference between busy, efficient people
and overwhelmed people is that busy people simply know how to manage
their tasks so they get things done.
To help you manage your tasks, Outlook lets you store your most
important tasks and assign due dates and priorities. Now at a glance, you can see
what’s most important for you to focus on. By spending more of your time on
important tasks and less of your time on trivial matters, you’ll become more
efficient (provided you actually do the work you’re supposed to be doing).
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