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Managing Tasks
To store a task in Outlook, follow these steps:
1. Click the Tasks button in the left pane of the Outlook window (or
press Ctrl+4).
Outlook displays the Tasks view.
2. Click the Home tab and click the New Tasks icon in the New group.
Outlook displays a Task window, as shown in Figure 15-7.
Figure 15-7:
The Task
lets you
jot down
about your
If you just need to store a quick task, click in the Type a new task text
box in the middle pane, type a brief description of your task, and press
3. Click in the Subject text box and type a brief description of your task,
such as Sell tainted meat to my neighbor or Meet with police informant .
4. (Optional) Click in the Start date list box and click on a date to start
your task. Then click in the Due date list box and click on a date when
you want to complete that task .
You don’t have to add a start and end date, but it’s a good idea to do so
to help you measure your progress (or lack of progress) on your task.
5. (Optional) Click in the Status list box and choose an option such as In
Progress or Waiting on someone else .
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