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Managing Tasks
6. (Optional) Click in the Priority list box and choose an option such as
Low or High .
7. (Optional) Click in the % Complete box and click the up/down arrows
to define what percentage you’ve completed of the task .
8. Click in the big text box to describe more details about your task.
9. Click the Save & Close icon .
Outlook displays your task, as shown in Figure 15-8.
If you double-click on a task, you can open the Tasks window so you can edit
or add information to your chosen task.
Searching tasks
If you have a lot of tasks, you may want to find a particular one. To find a
particular task, you can search for it. That way, if you know you want to find a
task involving “Toxic chemicals,” you could just search for “Toxic chemicals”
and Outlook will display that task right away.
Figure 15-8:
displays a list
of tasks.
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