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Editing and Modifying a Database
5. Click in the Field Name column and edit an existing field name.
If you click in a blank row, you can add a field to a database table.
6. Click in the Data Type column.
A downward-pointing arrow appears.
7. Click the downward-pointing arrow.
A pull-down menu appears, listing all the different types of data you can
define to store in a field, as shown in Figure 16-4.
Figure 16-4:
You can
choose a
data type
to make
sure that a
field stores
the correct
8. Choose a data type, such as Number, Text, or Date/Time.
Access displays a General tab at the bottom of the screen, which
contains different options for modifying your chosen data type.
9. Click one of the data type options, such as Format or Input Mask,
listed under the General tab.
Sometimes you have to type a value directly into a data type option.
Other times a pull-down menu appears, from which you can choose an
10. Repeat Step 9 for each data type option you want to modify.
You do not need to modify every data type option.
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