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Typing Data into a Database
Typing Data into a Database
After you create a database table and define fields within that table to hold
chunks of information, you’re ready to type in actual names, phone numbers,
and e-mail addresses into each field. Access gives you two ways to enter data:
Through Datasheet view
Through Form view
Datasheet view displays information in rows and columns, where each row
represents a single record and each column defines a specific field name.
Datasheet view can be especially handy for examining multiple records at
Form view displays all the fields of a single record on-screen. Form view is
most useful when you just need to view or edit a single record, such as typing
in the phone number of your cousin or boss.
Using Datasheet view
Datasheet view is the default view for entering data. To view and enter data
in Datasheet view, follow these steps:
1. In the All Tables pane on the left of the screen, double-click a table.
Access displays the Datasheet view of your table.
2. Click in a field defined by the column and row.
Each column defines a field, such as a name or address. Each row
represents a single record.
If you click in a field that already contains data, you can edit or delete
that data.
3. Press Tab to select the next field (or Shift+Tab to select the preceding
4. Type or edit the data in the field.
Using Form view
The biggest problem with Datasheet view is that it can be confusing to find a
field for a specific record. Because most people are familiar with paper forms
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