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Searching a Database
6. Click the downward-pointing arrow.
A pull-down menu appears, listing all the data currently stored in that
field, as shown in Figure 17-4.
Figure 17-4:
Filtering by
form lets
you choose
the type of
data you
want to
view from a
7. Click the data you want.
You can only click on one entry in the list.
8. Click the Toggle Filter icon in the Sort & Filter group.
Access displays a filtered view of your database table.
Using a filter criteria
Searching for an exact match in a field can be handy, but sometimes you may
want to see records that meet certain criteria, such as finding the names of
everyone whose salary is greater than $50,000 a year. Instead of filtering by
an exact match, you have to define the filter criteria.
The type of data stored in each field determines the type of criteria you can
create. Three common types of data stored in fields include Text, Numbers,
and Dates, which you can filter in different ways, as shown in Table 17-1.
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