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Querying a Database
Figure 17-7:
icons let you
sort a
database table
by a specific
5. Click the Remove Sorts icon in the Sort & Filter group when you don’t
want to view your sorted database table any more.
Querying a Database
One problem with sorting or filtering a database table is that you must
constantly define what you want to sort or filter. In case you sort or filter your
data a certain way on a regular basis, you can use a query instead.
A query is nothing more than a saved version of your sort or filter criteria.
By saving the particular sort or filter criteria as a query, you can select that
query by name later.
Creating a simple query
If your database table contains dozens of different fields, you may find it
confusing to make sense of all your information. As an aid, a simple query strips
away fields so you see only the fields containing data you want to see, such as
a person’s name and phone number but not her hire date or employee number.
To create a query, follow these steps:
1. Click the Create tab.
2. Click the Query Wizard icon in the Macros & Code group.
The New Query dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 17-8.
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