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Querying a Database
Figure 17-10:
Detail or
7. Select the Detail or Summary radio button and then click Next.
Another dialog box appears, asking you to type a descriptive name for
your query.
8. Click in the text box, type a descriptive name for your query, and then
click Finish.
Access displays the results of your query as a separate tab.
9. Click the File tab and then choose Save to save your query.
Creating a crosstab query
A crosstab query lets you combine two or more fields to calculate and display
a calculation based on a third field. For example, if your database contains
the names of salespeople and the products they sold, you can use those two
fields to create a crosstab that tells you how much each salesperson sold of
each product, as shown in Figure 17-11.
To create a crosstab query, you need to identify three types of fields:
✓ One to three fields to identify each record (such as the First Name and
Last Name fields)
A single field to display specific data from each record (such as the
Product field, which displays the actual product names like Purses,
Unicorn meat, or Missiles)
✓ A crosstab field that displays a calculated result (such as Sales)
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