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Querying a Database
Figure 17-11:
crosstab query
two or more
To create a crosstab query, follow these steps:
1. Click the Create tab.
2. Click the Query Wizard icon in the Macros & Code group.
The New Query dialog box appears (refer to Figure 17-8).
3. Click Crosstab Query Wizard and then click OK.
The Crosstab Query Wizard dialog box appears, as shown in
Figure 17-12.
4. Click a database table and then click Next.
Another Crosstab Query Wizard dialog box appears that asks for
between one and three fields to identify each row (record), as shown in
Figure 17-13.
5. Click a field in the Available Fields box and then click the > button to
move your chosen field to the Selected Fields box.
6. Repeat Step 5 for each additional field you want to include.
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