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Chapter 18: Creating a Database Report
Chapter 18
Creating a Database Report
In This Chapter
Creating a report with the Report Wizard
Displaying and printing reports
Modifying the appearance of a report
Erasing a report
Data is useless if you can’t understand what it means, so that’s why
Access lets you create reports. A report simply provides a printed
version of your data arranged in some useful way.
A report could dig through your data and print a list of your top ten
salespeople. Another report may print out the top ten products you sold last year.
Reports simply provide a way to make sense of your data and print it so you
can examine your data on paper.
Using the Report Wizard
The easiest way to create a report is to use the Report Wizard, which guides
you step by step through arranging and selecting which data to print on a
report, along with sorting your data at the same time. To use the Report
Wizard, follow these steps:
1. Click the Create tab.
2. Click the Report Wizard icon in the Reports group.
The Report Wizard dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 18-1.
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