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Manipulating the Data in a Report
Figure 18-7:
a column
a pop-up
menu for
manipulating your
Sorting a field
Access can sort each field in ascending or descending order. Sorting a field
simply rearranges the data in your report for your convenience. To sort a
column (field) in a report, follow these steps:
1. Switch to the Layout view of your report by following the steps in the
preceding section, “Switching a report to Layout view.”
2. Right-click in the column (field) that you want to sort.
Access highlights your chosen column and displays a pop-up menu
(refer to Figure 18-7).
3. Choose one of the following:
• Sort A to Z (or Sort Smallest to Largest): Sorts in ascending order
• Sort Z to A (or Sort Largest to Smallest): Sorts in descending order
Access sorts your chosen data in your report.
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