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Using the Quick Access Toolbar
The most recent action you chose appears at the top of this list, the second
most recent action appears second, and so on. To undo multiple commands,
follow these steps:
1. Click the downward-pointing arrow that appears to the right of the
Undo icon in the Quick Access toolbar.
2. Move the mouse pointer to highlight one or more actions you want to
3. Click the left mouse button.
Office 2010 undoes all the multiple actions you selected.
Adding icons
The Quick Access toolbar is designed to put your most commonly used
commands (such as the Save, Undo, and Redo commands) where you can find
them quickly. To add other icons to the Quick Access toolbar, follow these
1. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar arrow.
A pull-down menu appears, as shown in Figure 1-9.
Figure 1-9:
You can add an icon to the toolbar by clicking on an icon name, such as
Quick Print or New, from the pull-down menu.
2. Click More Commands.
An Options window appears, as shown in Figure 1-10. The panel on the
right shows all the current icons on the Quick Access toolbar. The panel
on the left shows all the additional icons you can add.
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