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Manipulating the Data in a Report
Filtering a field
Filtering can tell Access to only display data that meets certain criterion, such
as a fixed amount. For example, if you have a report that lists all the sales of
products, you could filter your report to show only those products that sold
over a fixed amount, such as $1,000.
To filter data in a field, follow these steps:
1. Switch to the Layout view of your report by following Steps 1 through
in the previous section, “Manipulating the Data in a Report.”
2. Right-click in the column (field) that you want to filter.
Access highlights your chosen column and displays a pop-up menu
(refer to Figure 18-7).
3. Choose Filters.
Depending on the type of data your column contains, the Filter
command may appear as Text Filters or Number Filters.
A submenu appears, as shown in Figure 18-8.
Figure 18-8:
The Filters
displays a
of different
criteria you
can choose.
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