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Editing a Report
4. Choose a filter criteria, such as Equals or Less Than.
Depending on the criteria you choose, a Custom Filter dialog box
5. Type your criteria in the Custom Filter dialog box and then click OK.
Access applies your filter to your report.
You can always turn off your filter by clicking the Home tab and then clicking
the Toggle Filter icon in the Sort & Filter group.
Editing a Report
After you create a report, you may want to modify it later to expand the
space used to display data or eliminate fields altogether.
To edit a report, you must switch to the Design view of your report, as shown
in the sidebar “Switching to Design view.” You can modify your report while
you view it in Design view.
Resizing fields
When the Report Wizard creates a report, it doesn’t always leave enough
room to display your actual data. If a field is too small, Access may display
data as a series of x’s, such as xxxxx. If this occurs, resize a field to make it
wider. (If your data turns out to be smaller than the field, you may need to
shrink the field.) To resize a field, follow these steps:
1. Display your report in Design view.
Follow the steps in the sidebar “Switching to Design view.”
2. Choose the field you want to resize.
Access highlights your chosen field.
3. Move the mouse pointer over the left or right edge of the field until
the mouse pointer turns into a two-way pointing arrow.
4. Drag the mouse to resize and expand or shrink the field.
Access displays your report with your modified field size.
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