Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Part VII: The Part of Tens
In this part . . .
Although Microsoft Office 2010 isn’t something that
you can pick up and learn right away just by goofing
around with it, you will find that Microsoft Office isn’t
necessarily as difficult to learn and use as you might have
thought initially. In this part of the book, you’ll learn
various shortcuts and tips for getting the most out of
Microsoft Office.
This is where you’ll learn how to block unwanted e-mail
(spam) through Outlook, protecting yourself from macro
viruses that could infect your Word and PowerPoint
documents, and how to save files to share with people who
may not be as enlightened as you in using Microsoft Office
Browse through these pages and pick up some tips and
shortcuts to making yourself more productive with
Microsoft Office 2010. Soon you may become known as
the Microsoft Office guru in your office, and that’s when
you can either demand a raise or pass around this copy of
the book to your fellow o-workers so they an learn what
you know and leave you alone so you can get some work
done for a change.
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