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Displaying Slides Out of Order in PowerPoint
To prevent this from happening, you can “freeze” a row or column that
contains identifying labels. That way, when you scroll through your worksheet,
your frozen row or column always remains visible.
To freeze a row or column in an Excel worksheet, follow these steps:
1. Click the View tab.
2. Click the downward-pointing arrow that appears to the right of the
Freeze Panes icon in the Window group.
3. Click one of the following:
Freeze Panes: Divides a worksheet into multiple panes
Freeze Top Row: Always displays the top row no matter how far
down you scroll
Freeze First Column: Always displays the first column no matter
how far to the right you scroll
To unfreeze a row or column, repeat Steps 1 through 3 but click Unfreeze
Displaying Slides Out of
Order in PowerPoint
When you display a PowerPoint presentation, your slides typically appear in
the order that you arranged them, starting with the first slide. If you want to
display your slides in a different order in the middle of a presentation, follow
these steps:
1. Load your presentation in PowerPoint and press F5.
The first slide of your presentation appears.
2. Type the number of the slide you want to view and press Enter.
If you want to jump to the fifth slide in your presentation, type and 5
press Enter. If you jump to the fifth slide, clicking the mouse or pressing
the spacebar next displays the sixth slide, and then the seventh, and
so on.
Print a list of your slide titles and slide numbers on a sheet of paper so that
you know which slide number to type to view a particular slide.
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