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Reduce Spam in Outlook
Figure 19-5:
The Junk
dialog box
lets you
define how
you want
spam filter
to work.
5. Select one of the following radio buttons:
No Automatic Filtering: Turns off the Outlook spam filter.
Low: Identifies and moves most obvious spam to the Junk E-mail
High: Identifies and moves nearly all spam into the Junk E-mail
folder along with some regular e-mail messages, too, so check the
Junk E-mail folder periodically to look for valid messages.
Safe Lists Only: Identifies and moves e-mail messages into the Junk
E-mail folder, except for those messages sent from addresses listed
in your Safe Senders List or Safe Recipients List.
6. Click OK.
The Options dialog box appears again.
7. Click OK.
Creating a Safe Senders list
A Safe Senders list lets you define all the e-mail addresses you want to accept
messages from, and Outlook routes all e-mail from other e-mail addresses
directly to your Junk E-mail folder.
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